How to Optimize Your Checkout as An Independent Software Vendor

You’ve spent your time getting to know your software and how it specifically benefits your customer. When you work in a niche market, it’s critical to understand how your customers will benefit from your services, as well as how you can deliver that information to them. 

You know the idiosyncrasies of your customer base inside and out, and you’ve developed the advanced tools and systems to help them to develop their businesses and reach their goals.

No matter the niche you’ve chosen, your stance as an independent software vendor demonstrates that you’ve devoted yourself to providing excellent solutions in a vertical, specialized market. 

When you’ve targeted a niche market, a cookie-cutter payment processing platform isn’t to work for your needs. 

You’ll want to have the following components of your payment processing system in place:

  • Recurring billing: When your customers are testing out your software solutions for the first time, they are usually doing a trial run. By setting up recurring billing, those customers can make secure payments through your system and not be charged for services they don’t use.
  • Encryption and fraud filters: These advanced tools help your customers’ important data to stay safe and ensure PCI compliance.
  • Advanced Gateway Interface: When your customers’ credit card or check is processed, they’ll be sent a digital receipt.
  • Custom solutions for your niche: We offer solutions that work for your business model. These services we provide are designed to efficiently distribute your software to those that really need it.

Once those customers decide to take the leap and test out the software services you provide, you can rest assured that the payment processing system you’ve selected with Reliafund will keep your customers’ important information safe. We utilize tokenization to protect your customers’ data, which will help you to draw customers without risk.

With Reliafund, you’ll tap into highly scalable payment solutions that will help you to grow while we handle the security, advanced API gateways, and secure PCI compliant transactions to protect your customers’ sensitive data and make payments easy.

If you’re curious about how our solutions can work for you, feel free to try out a 30-day contract with us.

How to Optimize Your Checkout as An Independent Software Vendor