Ensuring Security with the ACH System

The National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) is the organization that administers ACH payments. Due to the vast amount of sensitive information that is transmitted via ACH payments, the NACHA has set specific security regulations that must be followed by any business that conducts ACH transactions.

These security rules protect customers and establish the requirement of what is known as “commercially reasonable,” or secure payments that comply with commonly accepted commercial practices.

Reliafund complies with NACHA’s security requirements. 

To be considered commercially reasonable when processing payments, a business must:

  • Process cancellation requests quickly
  • Clarify single payments vs. recurring
  • Provide sufficient notice for change of terms
  • Protect customer banking data

Businesses that violate NACHA terms will be open to a number of fines and fees.

Reliafund provides PCI-Compliant Transactions.

PCI Compliance is required by all credit card processors. Companies must adhere to the PCI process in order to ensure data security compliance.

Companies must:

  • Assess: All data, processes, and assets should be analyzed for vulnerabilities. Companies must take an inventory of technology and business processes related to payment card processing. 
  • Remediate: Those vulnerabilities must be remediated and storage of customer data must be eliminated unless mandatory. 
  • Report: Associated bank and card companies must then receive the appropriate reports regarding the remediation.

In addition, we provide tokenization and other security measures. By securing card information, tokenization allows your customer’s information to be easily recalled for future purchases. Recurring billing can be easily set up for products or services. We also provide free automatic product upgrades. 

We simplify payments and provide you with a simple solution.

Our end-to-end platform includes:

  • Well documented API
  • Cloud Integrations
  • Production Environment
  • World Cloud Support 
  • Easy Integrations 
  • Marketing Support

Our team of security experts is here to help you protect your customers’ data. In addition, we have a team of highly trained payment processing experts. Everyone’s here to help.

Aside from our compliance with the NACHA system, we truly partner with our clients to help them to provide their customers with optimal payment processing solutions. As members of TPPPA (the Third Party Payment Processors Association), we are always working to refine regulations and find solutions to common industry problems.

If you’d like to learn how our team of experts can help you, schedule a free analysis with us. We’re looking forward to learning about your business and how we can help.