How to Keep Your eCommerce Customers Happy

When you’re in eCommerce, you don’t have the brick and mortar element of customer service checking you out, so electronic checkouts should always be customer-centric and easy to use. 

You’ll also want to be sure that your customers’ important information is protected, as data breaches can significantly damage your reputation and customer loyalty.

It’s no secret that the explosion of eCommerce has seen enormous growth in sales. In 2017, eCommerce was worth $2.3 trillion, and by 2021, that number will grow to about $4.9 trillion. In the meantime, eCommerce companies must consistently provide secure and streamlined payment options to support this growth. 

To that end, about 24 percent of Americans say that their purchases online never involve cash. They’re often paying through the payment processing platforms that provide flexible, straightforward options, and they’re actively using them on a regular basis.

Customers that entrust your business to process their sensitive information and keep it safe shouldn’t question their loyalty as customers. 

You’ll want to implement a payment gateway that provides them the streamlined experience that can be accessed across mobile platforms (which they’re using more often than not). 

As your eCommerce store develops, we provide solutions that will help you to scale and grow as well:

  • Real-time reporting: You’ll know what your customers are getting and when they’ll get it. 
  • ACH, credit card transactions: Process ACH, credit cards, credit authorizations, credit returns, credit voids (and even paper checks, check conversions, and web and phone payments). 
  • Online billing and recurring payments: Customers can set up one-time or monthly billing, and recurring billing for whatever recurring service or subscription you provide. With tokenization, your customers’ credit card information can be easily recalled for future purchases and kept safe. 
  • Transaction details: Know when a transaction is approved, pending, voided, or settled, as well as clear monthly statements, alerts, and notifications. 

With a system that accepts most major pin and EMV debit cards, you’ll be able to reach customers wherever they are, and ensure that you’re keeping their data safe. Get in touch and learn more.