Turbocharge Your Accounts Receivable Process with Biller Genie

Managing accounts receivable can be a daunting task for businesses. Traditional solutions often come with painful manual processes, duplicate entries, and reconciliations. This leads to frustration and wasted time. This is where Biller Genie comes in.

Older platforms may lack online payment options, or if they do, customers face unnecessary complications just to pay online. Automating invoices, reconciliation, and payment processing can ease the burden and streamline the entire process. Experience improved efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced engagement by implementing a cutting-edge solution.

Thanks to the partnership between ReliaFund and Biller Genie, businesses can now turbocharge their accounts receivable process, save time and money, and get paid faster. Let’s dive into the benefits of this powerful partnership and how it can revolutionize the way you handle your accounts receivable.

Seamless Integration with Accounting Software

One of the key features of Biller Genie is its seamless integration with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Accounting Suite. This means that businesses can continue using their preferred accounting software while enjoying the benefits of Biller Genie’s advanced invoicing and payment processing capabilities. With Biller Genie, it feels like the platform was built into your accounting software from the beginning, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

Automated Invoicing and Reconciliation

Biller Genie automates the invoicing process, eliminating the need for manual entry of transactions and sales receipts. When an invoice is created in your accounting software, Biller Genie automatically sends it on your behalf and keeps track of payments. Once the invoice is paid, it’s automatically reconciled in your accounting software and marked as paid. This automatic reconciliation feature is a significant benefit to customers, as it saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Level 3 Optimization and Recurring Billing

Biller Genie provides features that traditional QuickBooks plugins don’t offer, such as Level 3 optimization and recurring billing. Level 3 optimization helps businesses save on processing fees by providing additional transaction details required by some card issuers. Recurring billing allows businesses to set up automatic payments for customers, ensuring a steady cash flow and reducing the risk of late payments.

Great Experience for End Customers

With Biller Genie, end customers can view and pay invoices on both desktop and mobile devices. Once the payment is made, a sales receipt is sent to the customer, and the merchant receives a notification. This streamlined process makes it easier for customers to pay their invoices and improves customer satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency and Faster Payments

Getting paid faster is now easier for both parties. According to the latest reports, merchants see a 40% reduction in overdue payments, receive payments 15 days faster, and save up to 20 hours per week on administrative tasks!

Additionally, the platform syncs every 3-4 minutes for QuickBooks Online and every hour for QuickBooks Desktop, ensuring that invoices are sent promptly and updated regularly.

By partnering with ReliaFund, Biller Genie offers merchants secure and reliable payment processing solutions. This partnership enables businesses to get more merchant service accounts and ACH accounts, ultimately helping them reach more end customers.

The partnership between ReliaFund and Biller Genie optimizes your accounts receivable process, saving you time, money, and helping you get paid faster. With its seamless integration with popular accounting software, automated invoicing and reconciliation, advanced features like Level 3 optimization and recurring billing, and excellent end customer experience, Biller Genie is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their accounts receivable management.

Don’t let manual processes and inefficiencies hold your business back. Embrace the power of ReliaFund and Biller Genie to revolutionize your accounts receivable process today. To learn more about this incredible partnership, visit our Partners page or download the Biller Genie cheat sheet.

Turbocharge Your Accounts Receivable Process with Biller Genie