We work better together. ReliaFund affiliates with industry-leading partners to support our robust payment processing services for small and medium-sized businesses.


ReliaFund is built from the ground up to support and work with our partners, merchants, and developers. Transforming the payment processing services industry as an all-in-one solution, ReliaFund continues to leverage the features of our best-in-class partners so we can streamline your operations and make payments smarter, faster, and more secure.


As more businesses plan to replace or upgrade their accounting systems, finding the right software that will address their process, productivity, and support pain points is critical.

Enter Chargezoom, an integrated payments solution intentionally designed with essential features that growing companies need most. Its highlights include a frictionless user experience and real-time invoice reconciliation.

For small and medium-sized businesses, their payments process often defines customer expectations and is a key part of building a strong and lasting reputation. Quick, simple, and secure payments systems build trust and encourage repeat transactions. Chargezoom is leading the digital revolution of integrated payments for all.

With Chargezoom, businesses save hundreds of hours thanks to automation and see a significant reduction in costs for Accounting and B2B transaction rates. Branded customer portals allow businesses to access invoices, schedule recurring billing and subscription, and process multiple invoices in one click. Dozens of payment integrations are included upon setup, including QuickBooks, and it syncs to both their desktop and online applications.

Chargezoom, along with ReliaFund, is committed to being a gamechanger in the payments space. Focusing on customer satisfaction and experience, this partnership continues to advocate for customers of all sizes and across all industries.



The accounts receivable process can often be a headache, but cloud-based platforms like Biller Genie are changing the payments landscape for the better.

Biller Genie is so seamlessly integrated with accounting software like Quickbooks that it feels like it was built in from the beginning.

Businesses encounter many pain points with traditional solutions. Older platforms don’t allow online payments, or if they do, customers have to jump through hoops just to pay online. Duplicate entries are common and time-consuming. Invoices aren’t sent automatically. Payments have to be manually reconciled. The list goes on.

With Biller Genie and ReliaFund’s partnership, we’re turbocharging the accounts receivable process, saving you much-needed time and money. Getting paid faster is now easier for both parties. Based on the latest reports, the average Biller Genie merchant sees a 40% reduction of overdue invoices, gets paid 15 days faster, and saves 10 to 20 hours a week on administrative tasks!

There’s a good reason why Biller Genie is known for automated, integrated and simplified payments. After connecting with your accounting software, you instantly have access to an easier and more secure way to collect, process, and automatically reconcile payments. Now is the perfect time to supercharge your accounts receivable process.

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As concerns about compliance and cyber threats become more urgent, security is a top priority in the payment industry.

ReliaFund has partnered with Fluid Pay, the pioneer in cloud-based level 1 PCI compliant payment gateways, increasing the security of all payment services without sacrificing the platform’s ease of use and reliability.

Fluid Pay's state-of-the-art security features meet ReliaFund's accessible all-in-one platform, offering clients access to essential reports and analytics tools. All business transactions are guaranteed to be secure, whether they are made online, in-person, or both. Transactions can be processed from a wide variety of devices wherever you are in the world,

Aside from security, reliability is essential for every payment gateway. Fluid Pay has multiple active data centers to ensure reliable uptime while avoiding both software and hardware-related service outages. Fluid Pay also offers Level 3 processing, helping merchants secure lower interchange rates and monitor spending in B2B and B2G transactions.

With Fluid Pay and ReliaFund's partnership, gone are the days when businesses had to deal with payment gateways that had outdated and unhelpful user interfaces or lacked PCI Compliance. Boasting 24/7/365 maintenance and support, Fluid Pay’s goal is to simplify the complexity of payment gateways so you can focus on what you know best: growing your business.

Transcard (1)


With the rise of customer expectations and the increased and improved competition, more and more claimants are switching away from insurers that provide a slow and complicated claim approval and payout experience. These outdated platforms also carry an increased risk of both fraud and compliance issues.

Today's businesses still use a mix of several payment types, such as wire transfers, debit cards, credit cards, Automated Clearing House (ACH), same-day ACH, and more. While these are better than traditional paper checks, managing all these payment methods isn't easy. Handling multiple payments and making sure that customers, suppliers, and policyholders are paid as per their agreed-upon terms just complicates matters even further. New technology from Transcard provides businesses, especially mutual insurance companies, with an automated claims management solution that offers a smarter way to streamline disbursements.

With Transcard and ReliaFund, you can now automatically disburse any and all payments from a single platform. Transcard offers Smart Disburse, a lightning-fast tool that securely processes disbursements for claims payouts, worker compensations, supplier payments, and more. Real-time processing and reconciling of payment transactions is now made easier than ever, leading to highly efficient yet less complicated payables operations.

Transcard improves payment processing with its advanced integrated solutions. Whether you decide to disburse funds in real-time or schedule payouts in advance to one or more payees from within the platform, simple and seamless payments are only a few clicks away.

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For merchants across all industries, the customer experience is everything.

Offering seamless, secure and easy omnichannel payment processes is essential. USAePay gives you everything you need to accept payments, as well as advanced features to support growth. These tools help you manage your business while reducing churn and adding recurring revenue. USAePay is also PCI DSS Level 1 certified, ensuring all transactions are safe and compliant.

USAePay, along with its parent company, NMI, has more than 200 global processors, 125 shopping cart integrations and several user-friendly APIs and SDKs. As more merchants accept online payments, a reliable payment processing solution that just works can propel you toward success. With USAePay, you are able to create the ideal ecommerce payment processing platform for accepting electronic and card payments online. This partnership allows for more flexible and customized solutions for merchants across several industries.

USAePay’s strength lies in card-present applications, significantly encountered in retail, restaurant, and mobile merchants. While many consumers are shopping online, they are still patronizing brick-and-mortar locations for services like curbside pickup or last-mile delivery. Providing these omnichannel payment solutions greatly improves the customer experience.

By partnering with USAePay and ReliaFund, you are putting yourself in the ideal position to boost your business and power your payments like never before.


Bill & Pay is a full-featured payment and invoicing software that offers a streamlined account receivables process.

It prioritizes both your employees and your cash flow as it makes staff lives easier with automatic invoicing, payment posting, and reconciliations, and speeds up cash flow with real-time, scheduled, and automated recurring payments.

Aside from optimizing your employees’ valuable time, Bill & pay allows you to save money and reduce your company’s carbon footprint with its paperless billing and receivables. Customers can also input their own payment information into a secure portal, reinforcing your PCI compliance. Automatic reminders improve collections as well.

Bill & Pay’s platform allows you to customize your payment portal, syncs with your own accounting system, and lets you accept both credit cards and ACH securely. Sending billing reminders and statements, as well as providing invoices and receipts via email or text message, can be done in a few clicks too.

For businesses that will benefit from automating recurring invoices or the ability to receive automatic payments, Bill & Pay is an integrated payment processing solution that gets the job done. Make payments safe, simple, and more cost-efficient with Bill & Pay and ReliaFund – let’s make your business stronger than ever.


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