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Businessman checks business email, on alert for business email compromise scams

Securing Payments: Guarding Against Business Email Compromise

As electronic payment processing experts, we want to help you understand the scams targeting businesses like yours using the payment methods you use daily. One of those scams is called a business email compromise (BEC).
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saas billing trends

SaaS Billing Trends Shaping the Future

Explore the trends that are playing a significant role in shaping the future of Software as a Service (SaaS) billing.
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secure payment methods

Top 8 Secure Payment Methods: Online and In-Person

Learn about seven secure in-person and online payment methods and gain awareness of five less secure options.
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transcard smart disburse reliafund

Deliver Disbursements With Ease: Transcard

Customer expectations have never been this high. As a result, insurers and other industries face increased competition to provide a seamless and efficient claims process. Outdated platforms slow down operations and carry an increased risk of fraud and compliance issues. Enter Transcard. 
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subscription pricing - recurring billing

4 Subscription Pricing Strategies You Need To Know

Explore the 4 most popular types of subscription pricing strategies, their pros and cons, and how ReliaFund’s payment processing services can help your business succeed with your chosen model
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Credit card, hands and payment on pos machine for fintech, banking or ecommerce. Digital technology

Pros and Cons of Credit Card Payments vs. ACH Payments

The digital payments landscape constantly moves forward and businesses must carefully consider the cost implications and long-term savings associated with different payment methods.  This blog post explores the real advantages and disadvantages of processing ACH payments versus credit card payments. We will dive into the differences in costs, fees, and the payment process, highlighting how…
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Accelerate Payments Process Chargezoom

Accelerate The Payments Process With Chargezoom

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, time is a precious commodity. Entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the administrative burden of managing billing, payments, and accounting tasks. What if your payment process could be boosted to the point where both you and your customers save precious time? With the latest partnership between ReliaFund…
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resilience of debit

The Resilience of Debit and How Businesses Can Harness It

Debit cards have been around for decades, and although payment trends have shifted over time, the resilience of debit remains strong. As a form of payment that is highly convenient, secure, and accessible to customers from all walks of life, it is no surprise that debit has become a staple in many businesses across the…
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