Safeguard your business with a bank account that was created for Money Service Businesses like yours.


If you lost your bank account or need a second account, you can count on ReliaFund to help you protect your business.

Access to Multiple Banks

With ReliaFund, you have access to multiple banks in multiple states.

Accept Payments Online

Maintain Compliance

We have MSB pros on staff to help you maintain regulatory compliance, no matter what state you are in.

Expand Your Services

Go beyond check cashing services with this account to offer payday loans, currency exchange, and money transmittal. You can also issue and cash traveler's checks and money orders.

Payment Processing Services

Rotate Your Working Capital Efficiently

We provide cash vault and armored cash transportation services throughout the U.S.

Flexible & Fluid

Access your cash when you and your customers need it. Trust that it's secure when you don't.

Payment Processing Services

Say Goodbye to "De-risking"

Rest assured that your check cashing account won't be closed at a moment's notice. We are always looking to add relationships with new banks


How to Grow a Successful Check Cashing Business

In this white paper, we cover how to start and grow a check casher business while running a profitable business, serving your community well, and lowering your risk in a high-risk industry.

Reliafund Check Cashing White Paper
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Check Cashing Accounts


Schedule a free consultation to ask about our MSB services. Our highly trained payment processing experts are standing by, ready to help.

Cody Osegard
“ReliaFund has become an integral part of our business, and all of our customers work through ReliaFund to process their payments. We appreciate the support their team provides, and their ability to adapt and grow as our business does as well!”
- Cody Osegard |

Pam Medvec
“Bill & Pay has been a partner with ReliaFund for over 10 years. ReliaFund processes all of our client’s ACH payments and they are reliable, responsive, and truly experts in ACH processing.”
- Pam Medvec |