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msb best practices

MSB Best Practices: Improve Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives

Risk assessment is an integral process for money services businesses. Right now, anti-money laundering concerns are at an all-time high. Because trends in payment fraud are constantly evolving, we wanted to take a moment to discuss some MSB best practices for improving anti-money laundering initiatives. MSB Best Practices: Assessing Risk Recently, the American Bankers Association…
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usage-based billing

How Usage-Based Billing Is Unique

When you run a subscription-based business, your billing system needs to be tailored to that subscription model. And usage-based billing is one of the most popular pricing models for subscription businesses. As we move through a more and more personalized consumer space – with targeted ads, cookies, automated marketing personalization, and more – it may…
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subscription based

Subscription Billing Best Practices

Repeat business is the foundation of any brand. Whether you are a subscription-based business or not, loyal customers almost always make up the bulk of your business transactions. And that’s why you should be concerned about subscription billing best practices. Subscription-based business relies even more heavily on repeat customers, and that makes it feel like…
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increase business payments

6 Tips to Increase Business Payments

Most business owners and managers know that you can’t plan for everything – some business situations are difficult to plan for before they happen, and it’s impossible to plan for everything. However, you shouldn’t wait until you are stuck in a situation where your business isn’t getting paid before you implement strategies and solutions for…
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cash flow

Business Cash Flow: Problems & Solutions

The financial health of your small business is greatly affected by cash flow – and by cash flow problems. And the increase in digital transactions and diverse payment methods makes managing that cash flow more and more tedious. Identifying cash flow problems and their solutions is a difficult, but necessary, part of owning and running…
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MSBs & The Gig Economy

The gig economy is now commonplace, and that means temporary employees, freelancers, and independent contractors are looking for ways to integrate their payments, and partnering with MSBs is a great way to accomplish that integration. Because MSBs are so diverse in how and what types of payment solutions they offer, there are many reasons your…
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ACH security

ACH Security: Concerns, Tips, & Tricks

The growth of the ACH payment system is amazing, and it looks to keep up this strong growth trend for the foreseeable future. Last month, we discussed some ACH best practices for businesses. And this month we wanted to expand on that. ACH security is a topic that seems to encourage more and more people…
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financial inclusion

Payment Systems & How They Support Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a hot topic among payment facilitators and providers right now. This concept includes all the efforts from organizations in the finance field aimed at making their financial products available, accessible, and affordable for all people. There are millions of people in the United States today who are struggling financially. A pandemic combined…
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ach payments

ACH Best Practices for Businesses

ACH payment processing is a great option for businesses of all sizes and industries. But the success and security of ACH transactions start with your business operations. In the 5 years since Same Day ACH was launched, this payment processor has made waves for businesses of all sizes, and the growth is expected to continue.…
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credit card processor

Credit Card Processor Selection: Dos & Don’ts

When it comes to building your business, there are thousands of payment processing options, from things as secure and top-of-the-line as ACH processing to affordable and quick options like Square, PayPal, and more. And while cash-only businesses still exist, in all likelihood, your business (especially if it’s online) completes most transactions with debit, credit, or…
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payments compliance

Payments Compliance Priorities for 2022

Payments compliance is a trending topic for 2022. This is driven by several factors, including cybersecurity concerns as well as shifting consumer demand for specific payment services. Because payment trends are constantly evolving, especially since the pandemic, when huge shifts were made towards more digital payments solutions. Let’s talk about some of the top payments…
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ACH updates

ACH Updates for 2022

Same Day ACH has only been around for just over 5 years, and a lot has changed in that time. ACH volume rose by 75.1% and its value rose by 92.9% in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to recent reports from Nacha and the Federal Reserve. ACH has changed the way we interact with…
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