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embedded payments

Embedded Payments: 5 Things to Know

The term “embedded payments” may sound complex, but it’s actually a really simple concept. It refers to the integration of payment products and processes into digital applications or websites to facilitate transactions. Embedded payments are becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital world and understanding them can help businesses and consumers alike secure better payment experiences.…
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brand transparency

Brand Transparency & Its Role in Growing Your Business

In today’s world of digital marketing, brand transparency has become increasingly important for businesses striving to grow and stay competitive. While traditional marketing was often about presenting a highly polished, curated image of the brand, modern customers are looking for something different — they want to have an inside look at a company and its…
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a2a payments

A2A Payments: Basic Details & Trends

Now more than ever, businesses need to stay up to date with the latest payment processing technologies. A2A payments are an innovative new way to facilitate cross-institution payments electronically, a process that is becoming increasingly important for the payment processing industry in 2023 and beyond. The world of online payments is evolving rapidly, and A2A…
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Common Pricing Strategy Pitfalls

Your business’s pricing strategy is an important aspect of your marketing, revenue, and overall business strategy and success. That doesn’t mean you must choose the perfect strategy right out of the gate or suffer eternal ruin. But it does mean that you should be putting a bit of thought and time into how you price…
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payments modernization

Payments Modernization: What It Is and What It Means for Businesses

Payments modernization is a hot topic in the financial and payments industries right now. We’ve made great strides in technology and innovative processes since the beginning of 2020, and it’s easier than ever for people to connect their banks, fintechs, and payment platforms to each other in effective ways. Because the flow of money is…
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online grocery shopping

How Digital Payments Are Changing the Grocery Shopping Experience

A recent PYMNTS article broke down the role of digital payments in our modern grocery shopping experience. In a September 2022 survey, 24% of respondents said they used digital wallets to pay for recent grocery purchases. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the increase in digital payments has permeated most industries, and online grocery shopping and…
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pricing model

How to Choose the Right Pricing Model for Your Business

There are many different pricing models you can use for your business. And your pricing strategy is about so much more than just offering a competitive price point. Because business goals, market fluctuations, supply costs and shortages, and other factors determine your individual prices, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. That’s why choosing…
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voice payments

Payment Trends: The Rise of Voice Payments

The payments industry has seen a rapid transformation in the last several years – COVID-19 pushed more payments online and through same day ACH than ever before, and transaction and posting times have been drastically reduced to accommodate an ever-increasing speed at which people demand their payments. The latest of the 2022 payment trends is…
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cybercrime trends

10 Key Metrics for Tracking Cybercrime Trends

Financial services are a top target for cybercrime. And while banks are the most commonly affected, the rise of new payment technology and full-service apps and online tools means there are more and more trends affecting those third-party transaction sites. Like with all things, the latest trends in cybercrime are evolving as we speak. And…
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msb best practices

MSB Best Practices: Improve Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives

Risk assessment is an integral process for money services businesses. Right now, anti-money laundering concerns are at an all-time high. Because trends in payment fraud are constantly evolving, we wanted to take a moment to discuss some MSB best practices for improving anti-money laundering initiatives. MSB Best Practices: Assessing Risk Recently, the American Bankers Association…
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usage-based billing

How Usage-Based Billing Is Unique

When you run a subscription-based business, your billing system needs to be tailored to that subscription model. And usage-based billing is one of the most popular pricing models for subscription businesses. As we move through a more and more personalized consumer space – with targeted ads, cookies, automated marketing personalization, and more – it may…
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subscription based

Subscription Billing Best Practices

Repeat business is the foundation of any brand. Whether you are a subscription-based business or not, loyal customers almost always make up the bulk of your business transactions. And that’s why you should be concerned about subscription billing best practices. Subscription-based business relies even more heavily on repeat customers, and that makes it feel like…
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