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Gain the ReliaFund edge in payments.

Commercial and nonprofit billers prefer ReliaFund paperless electronic payment services over checks and other methods because:

  • We improve cash flow
  • We reduce administrative costs
  • We streamline important collection and deposit processes

ReliaFund provides all the services necessary to automate your entire collection and deposit process.

ReliaFund helps you activate your customers’ use of electronic transactions by providing you with resources you can use to communicate and promote the power of e-payments to your customers.

To gain the ReliaFund payments edge, simply choose one of the following methods.

Use ReliaFund-enabled commercial software

If your organization uses a ReliaFund-enabled billing application, you already have access to ReliaFund payment services. Contact your application provider to learn how to sign up for ReliaFund processing. To inquire about this option, contact us today.

Integrate ReliaFund with your in-house application

ReliaFund can enhance your in-house billing payment-related applications. To inquire about this option, contact us today.

orange box Benefits

  • Low cost
  • Fast setup
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Consumer accepted
  • Low startup fee
  • No long-term contract
  • No software to install

Process Brief

Payment Automation for Efficiency and Savings

    The cost of manual cash receipts processing is more than you might think. Billers can significantly improve efficiency and profitability by automating payments. Download process brief (PDF)