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ReliaFund believes strongly in the power of partners, affiliates and alliances. Our past success and current go-to-market strategy is based almost entirely on relationships with independent software developers and publishers, payment affiliates and independent sales organizations.

Our partners tell us we’re easy to do business with, and that’s a reputation we’re committed to keeping. From a simple start-up, to development and marketing tools that make sense, we’re here to support you.

We’re very proud of our existing partners (see sidebar story) and would like to add select, qualified businesses to our alliance network.

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    Independent software vendors (ISVs) are software developers and publishers with payment-related business applications.
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    Affiliates promote ReliaFund services as an adjunct to their own online offerings. Independent sales organizations (ISOs) are third-party sales forces that sell ReliaFund services on a commission basis.
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Featured Partner

Rural Computer Consultants

Rural Computer Consultants (RCC) develops and markets software to help manage fuel distribution and farm-mutual insurance businesses, with customers across rural America. RCC was established over three decades ago and, since 2003, has enabled reliable payment processing for their users by integrating ReliaFund services with their applications.


"ReliaFund is a preferred payment partner for RCC," stated Kevin and Brian Sheehan, Rural's Co-founders. "While we're experts in our specific industries, we depend on ReliaFund for their deep knowledge of payments and financial processing technology."

Through ReliaFund, RCC applications support automated collections, check conversion, credit card processing and more. A tight integration of ReliaFund services provides customers with a seamless user experience, and adds confidence to customers' cash flow processes.

Since the early days of this partnership, RCC and ReliaFund have helped each other grow by working together to develop expanded services, keeping their customers' payment needs at the forefront. It's an alliance that promises to pay dividends for many years to come.