About Our Company

ReliaFund is a “One Stop Shop” for application developers in need of electronic payment services. Our management team has more than 50 years experience providing businesses with secure and effective payment processing. It's our goal to apply that experience to meet your payment processing needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Every day we process millions of dollars in electronic transactions for a wide variety of businesses from all over the country. Our company:

  • Enables applications to process ACH and Check 21 transactions with any bank or credit union in the US
  • Processes Federal Reserve transactions with redundant access via multiple bank relationships
  • Serves a full spectrum of billers, including small- to medium-size businesses that are often not well-served by the banking industry


“We've found ReliaFund to be responsive, thorough and knowledgeable across a wide variety of payment services. They're one of our most trusted partners, and they add significant value to our software offering.”
–Todd Collins, President, iRealtyManager.com

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blue box Partners

We specialize in delivering our services through partnerships with commercial software vendors and in-house software developers with payment-related applications. By integrating electronic payment technologies and providing rock-solid financial processing “behind the scenes,” we allow our partners to focus on what they do best: develop and manage their own core software.

We currently have financial processing relationships with over a dozen leading software developers covering many industry niches.

black box Business Users/Billers

Billers typically access our services through integrated ReliaFund payment functions in our partners’ applications. Billers as diverse as finance and insurance companies that process thousands of payments each month, to family childcare businesses with as few as two payments a week, have all discovered the benefits of using ReliaFund to streamline their operations.

Through our software partners we serve:

• Insurance companies and agents
• Propane gas distribution networks
• In-home childcare providers
• Corporate childcare centers
• Property managers
• Hospitals, physicians and clinics
• Franchise operations
• Schools
• Non-profits
• Court-ordered transactions