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Tools, Tips and Techniques to Grow
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It’s one thing to enable e-payment functions in your application. It’s quite another to get them used. That’s why ReliaFund provides Payment Marketing Services as a core part of our business. Simply put, we provide the tools, knowledge and processes needed to activate ACH and credit card payments in your application.

A Systems Approach

1. Our ReliaFund Activation System helps software publishers promote efficient payment practices by billers.
2. The ReliaFund Activation System also helps billers convert their own customers from paper check writers into electronic payers.

This two-tier approach is essential in order to reach all the players in your application’s payment universe, and is another part of the ReliaFund difference.

The result? More value to your customers. More shared transaction revenue to you.

Resources for Software Publishers

The ReliaFund Activation System includes online marketing resources that you can use to communicate with users about why electronic transactions are a best business practice, and how to take advantage of this technology in your application. As a ReliaFund partner, you’ll have access to time-tested web site content, email messages, newsletter articles and more that you can use to promote the use of e-payments in your application.

Resources for Billers

The ReliaFund Activation System also includes online marketing resources for billers to communicate with their customers (the ultimate payers) to encourage e-payment activation. Billers will find ready-to-use content that makes it easy to promote e-payment benefits such as efficiency, cost savings and green living.

More Help Available

If online templates leave you asking “how do I use this stuff?,” we can even provide professional marketing consulting services to help you plan and execute a payment activation campaign. Do-it-yourself or let us assist you. Your choice.

It’s all part of our mission to deliver results, not just technology.

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